12V Licensed Black Audi Q8 Battery Ride On Car

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  • Dimensions – 108cm x 66cm x 55cm  
  • Available colours – red, white, black  
  • Weight limit – 30kg  
  • Age range – 3-5 years old  

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Introducing our fully licensed sport and sleek Audi Q8 Spyder. The Audi is an exceptional car and one of the finest on the market now so why not let your kids cruise around in style today.  

It is a battery powered car, and the car can operate via the controls inside the car using both the gearstick and the pedal. There is also a parent remote available but optional for using. It can control the car by turning the wheel left and right and reverse and forward. 

  • Working LED lights – the lights will work once the car is turned on. The back lights will work when you reverse the car.  
  • Music and horn sounds – activate the music and horn sounds via the steering wheel  
  • 2.4 Bluetooth parental remote control – the ride on will operate using the gears, the pedal, and the steering wheel moving it forward and in reverse. The 2.4G Bluetooth parental remote operates the car from 20km away. It can move the steering wheel forward and backwards and turn the wheels left and right. The remote is a 2.4G Bluetooth technology so there will be no interfering. 
  • 2 realistic opening doors  
  • Twin motors – each back wheel features 2 twin motors which will offer better performance on grass or rough surfaces. 
  • USB/MP3 player input – the car includes a cable which you can plug into the dashboard which will then allow you to plug in any device or an MP3 player with a head-phone socket to play your own music through the speaker inside the car. Plug your memory stick into the USB socket to play your own music. The in-car sounds will disable once device is plugged in.  
  • Battery meter – battery meter is mounted to the dashboard; it will indicate how much playtime remains.  

Other Information 

  • Battery type – 12V (1 x 12V 4.5Ah) lead acid  
  • Suitable age range – 3-5 years old (parental supervision is a must for younger kids) 
  • Dimensions – 108cm x 66cm x 55cm 
  • Run time – up to 1 hour from fully charged (depending on the use) 
  • Box weight and size – 110 x 58 x 41cm, 14.5Kg GW 
  • Available colours – white, black, red  
  • Motor type – 2 x 12V 25W 
  • Parental remote – 2.4G Bluetooth is available (optional use) 
  • Charge time – 14 hours for a full charge  
  • Suitable operating surface – flat or firm surfaces, flat lawns only  
  • Maximum speed – 3.5km/h