3 ways to foster and encourage your child’s interest in cars

Do you and your child share a common love for cars? Or is it perhaps a dream for you to share such an interest in the future? In either case, getting started early is never wrong, and may prove more fruitful than originally intended.

A joint interest in automobiles be a fun way for you to bond with your child, and it can also have significant benefits. These include:
• better family relationships
• knowledge for future car ownership
• increased learning skills
• etc.

More than anything, a common interest is a way for you to spend quality time together and to build trust. So, tag along to learn about three ways you can foster a joint car hobby relation with your child.

Memorabilia, prints, and decorations

An easy way to do a joint car-adventure from a very early age is to buy car-related memorabilia together! These items can easily be used to decorate your child’s bedrooms, and posters and prints of your favorite cars can be an inspiration and motivating factor in maintaining the interest. The prints don’t only have to depict specific cars, they can also portray movies which remind you both of cool car scenes, or even other landscapes that creates a safe and creative environment for you and your child.

Another fun way to decorate your child’s room, or even your joint areas or garage, is to collect memorabilia such as model cars. These can either take the shape of traditional model cars, or even be fun projects such as Lego scenes or puzzles. Any type of memorabilia that involves you spending time together is good memorabilia.

Visit the race track

For children that are more interested in the speed and performance of cars, a visit to a race track can be an enjoyable way to learn about the technology behind racing cars. If you don’t have access to a race track, consider taking your child to watch an event such as drag racing or auto cross. This is also a fun way to explore various types of automobile sports. Perhaps an interest that begun with Formula 1 can develop into a love for rally racing or even truck racing.

Read Car-Themed Books

Reading together is always an important step in bonding with and increasing learning skills in your child. Reading books or articles about cars can help to foster a child’s interest in the vehicle. Not only can it be a fun way to increase their hobby engagement, but it will also help them learn the fun of reading and learning, and hence make their time in school easier.

As for automobile literature, there is a plethora of medias for you to explore together. Some are even free! Consider checking out some car magazines, car encyclopedias, or other related material from your local library, book store, or online. You can also read this blog post to get a recommended list of children’s books featuring vehicle stories.


Nurturing relationships through a common interest, especially automobiles, is not only a great way to spend quality time with your child. It is also a great way to prepare them for the future, as that quality time can help foster better learning skills and useful grown-up knowledge about car ownership. On top of it all, you both get to have fun.

Accessories for kids ride on Cars

The opportunity to foster their children’s physical, mental, and emotional growth is a precious gift for parents. Toys are one manner in which they express their individuality. Toys like ride-on toys allow parents to encourage their children’s development of balance, rhythm, motor skills, and an appreciation for physical activity.

Children who regularly engage in outdoor play are likelier to grow up with a sense of curiosity and a desire for adventure. Now, with a ride-on automobile, your child will have no excuse to stay inside. Having the kid actively participate in the game increases his chances of learning something new and having fun simultaneously.

Researchers have found that kids who play with ride-on toys have higher spatial cognition or visual thinking levels than those who do not. Their perspective on the cosmos expands as they learn more about their immediate environment. This ability develops as they experience navigating turns, changes in speed, and other potential disturbances to the journey.

However, with so many options available, selecting the best ride-on vehicle for your child might take a lot of work.




Must have accessories for kids ride on Cars

There are electric ride-ones for children who have outgrown their push toys and are ready for the next level of driving fun. They feature realistic details like a motor, steering wheel, gearbox, and pedal and can be customized with extras like working LED spotlights, horns that can honk, and even MP3/MP4 media players. Many of these automobiles are scaled-down versions of well-known luxury car models. However, instead of being powered by gasoline, these toys run on batteries, the voltage of which dictates both the toy’s speed and its run time.

What could be more exciting for your child thrill seeker than a new pair of wheels? Included, of course, are the optional extras and personal touches. Furthermore, these accessories are not only necessary for personalizing their ride-on automobile but also come in help while maintaining its quality. Some of our favorites are as follows.

Covers for Kids’ Car

Not the most thrilling extra, but essential if you plan to keep the toy in an outdoor location. The cover, which comes in various sizes to accommodate any ride-on style, can be easily slipped over the head and secured with a buckle or strap around the rider’s vehicle’s bottom edge to protect it from the elements.

Lights and Traffic Cones

These add-ons are great for teaching kids to judge distances, apply brakes when necessary, and navigate tight turns without swerving off the road. In addition, they can turn your child’s regular driveway into an exciting miniature racetrack.

Number Plates & Stickers

Decals are a simple method to give a ride-on toy some real-world character, whether you are looking to simulate police badges, taxi signs, racing stripes, or speedometer gauges. Number plates with the driver’s name and, in some cases, the emblem of their country are our favorite vinyl stickers. This a good moment to highlight that we provide complimentary kits for creating custom license plates for each vehicle.

4d Number Plates

Regarding number plates, your child’s toy vehicle might benefit from a custom license plate. Pick whatever name you like, in whichever form you like written. Get it printed, whatever you want, including a customized motto below the main text if you like.

Why not make your kid’s new motorized toy stand out from the crowd with a personalized license plate? Going by the latest technologies, 4d number plates are trending these days. 4D Laser Cut Display Plates are new on the market, often known as 3D Plus. This one is a clear improvement compared to the 3D Gel type. Letters on the 4D display plates are laser cut from acrylic and then attached to the plate surface for maximum durability. 4D Custom License Plates are the latest plate fad and get many compliments wherever they’re displayed.


Installing a transfer handle on the rear of your kid’s car will make picking it up and putting it away a breeze. If the vehicle seems headed for trouble, you can use the added traction to steer it in a safer direction.


Even while there are already many excellent choices, each with a wealth of fascinating features and customizable options, let us finish by looking ahead to the future and examining some of the most cutting-edge upgrades that are sure to steal the show.

Although MP3 players equipped with AUX connections, SD card slots, USB ports, and buttons to change the volume and skip tracks have been commonplace in cars for a while, it is only recently that high-end automobiles have arrived with built-in screens and MP4 players. Your kid’s excitement over this toy will skyrocket when they can sit in the front and watch movies or play games on the toy’s high-tech LCD screens.

LED lights that can be adjusted via remote or smartphone app make late-night car rides even more exciting, whether serving as flashing emergency beacons or giving your dashboard a neon look.

Doors that open and close properly; youngsters had to scramble well over the side of the vehicle once upon a time to get inside. Many modern ride-on toys, like licensed products like Lambourgini Sian or McLaren Senna, have working doors, and some even have butterfly doors, upping the authenticity and awesomeness factor.


5 Surprising Facts About Poker

Surprising Facts About Poker

The world of poker is enormous, and that is because of the vast popularity of the game. But how did this game become so popular?

You might wonder, “Where does the game come from?”, “Where did the game start?” and “What makes the game popular?”. In this article, we want to shine the light on five surprising poker facts.

Poker Has A World Series

The World Series of Poker, also known as WSOP, is THE event in the poker community. The first WSOP was held in 1970 in Las Vegas with only a handful of participants.

Today the event features many professional poker players. You can watch live coverage of the WSOP events by visiting their GGPoker.eu partner. The live events are streamed on different platforms such as YouTube and Twitch; you don’t have to miss a single bit of action.

Poker Is More Than A 1,000 Years Old

There are two different opinions on how poker started. The first group of historians believed that poker started in the 10th century in China. In contrast, the second group of historians thought that it is based on the 16th-century Persian game Nas.

Both sides agree that from here, the game moved to France, where it gained popularity. Canada and the United States were next to jump on the bandwagon.

It is believed that the poker games before 1830 were played with 20 cards. Four players were all dealt five cards, and the betting process would start. After 1830 the game changed to include 52 cards.

Poker Originated From Dominos

The exact start of poker might not be as clear-cut, but we know that the game has been around for a long time. There are historians that believe that poker evolved from dominos.

It was reported that Emperor Mu-Tsung, 969 A.D, played a domino card game with his wife on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that this is a form of the first poker game, where it started as a friendly family game.

Poker Is Featured In Hundreds Of Movies

The film industry has made use of poker in hundreds of movies. In some movies, it is just friends casually playing a few hands of poker. But in other movies, we are looking at high-stakes poker games.

Some of the most famous movies featuring poker games include Maverick, The Gambler, and Casino Royale.

Some Poker Players Are Very Superstitious

We all have some superstitions, things that you have to do to try and ensure that your luck doesn’t run out. Well, in poker, it is the same; people try to get a winning edge. For example, Chinese poker players believe that they need to wear at least one piece of red clothing when playing poker to increase their chances of winning cash prizes and prevent them from losing.

Some people believe that you need to play poker in your dirty clothes; it will eliminate any bad luck. Perhaps you should stop washing your clothes for a bit.

Johnny Chan, a poker player that saw the humble beginning of the WSOP, used to carry an orange with him when we competed. He mentioned that he didn’t like the smoking, and he used to smell the orange when the smoke got too much for him. Perhaps this was only a way to curb the smoke smell, but it could quickly turn into a superstition where he couldn’t win without his orange.

In Conclusion

The origins of poker might not be clear, but we know that this game has grown in popularity and continues to do so. With various WSOP underway, it might be time for you to start getting your red clothes dirty.

5 Best Children’s Summer Camps in Dublin

Children's Summer Camps in Dublin

Even after school closes its doors for the summer, there are plenty of opportunities for children to embark on new adventures, learn new skills, and have lots of fun. Your child will love spending their summertime in a fun and exciting summer camp. You may be wondering whether the camp is the right fit for your child, they may have special interests, so it is important you choose the right camp for them. Summer camps can help develop your kid’s important emotional, social, and cognitive skills. They will create memories and make new friends that will last a lifetime. Here are the 5 best children’s summer camps in Dublin.

Miss Ali Stage School

Miss Ali Stage School is one of the market-leading summer camps based in Dublin. The summer camps are available for bookings in the month of August. If you love Dance, Drama, and Singing then this is the summer camp for your kids. Your kids will build up confidence and skills, make friends, and have lots of fun. The camp is a fresh start camp course designed to focus on confidence building, inner and feel-good energy, and positive thinking through music, dance, and performing arts. The summer camp caters to girls and boys between ages 4-12 years old. The holiday camp starts at 10 am and finishes at 1 pm daily. There are 3 camps to choose from and limited places available. The camp focuses on dance, musical theatre workshops, make a movie, meditation, and yoga, songwriting, miss Ali’s got talent, screenplay writing, and masterclasses. A personalised certificate will be given to each child at the end of the camp.  Learn more about Miss Ali’s children’s summer camps in Dublin.

Astro Park

Astro Park multi-activity summer camps are ideal for every child who wants to have lots of fun and attend activities during the summer holidays. There are 2 Astro Park camps one in Tallaght and Coolock. All the activities in the camp are designed to inspire and engage the children throughout the camp’s duration. The camps are a great way for children to be entertained and accompanied while having a great time keeping active and social able with other kids. Both camps start in June for 9 weeks. The camps are for both girls and boys aged between 4-12 years old. Each day begins at 9 am and finishes at 3 pm. Groups will be divided up by age. The activities include bubble football, garlic football, football coaching and games, speed radar, NERF Astro wars, crazy sports day, and multi-sport target zone.

Star Camp

Star Camp has some of the best summer camps running from June to August catering for both boys and girls. Star camp activities include singing, dancing, acting, comedy and jokes, magic and tricks, games and activities, art and drawing, news and weather reporting, Tik Tok dances, story and book scenes, confidence building and positive affirmations, and so much more. The main goal of their summer camps is to bring an atmosphere of excitement, laughter, fun, and positivity. All kids will be divided into groups and will remain with the same leader. The camps are open to kids aged 4-12 years old. Star camps can be booked online with over 60 summer camps running across Dublin.


Let’s Go

Let’s go is the number one multi-activity summer camp operating for over 35 years. Let’s go operate several camps across Dublin. The camps are catered for both girls and boys from ages between 5 to 12 years old. The camp day runs from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm or in some venues 9 am to 3 pm or 10 am to 4 pm. All staff members are enthusiastic, dependable, knowledgeable, outgoing, and truly caring individuals. The summer camps combine fun and games with structured educational sessions. The 5–6-year old’s activities include pony cycles, skittles, bricks work, ball games, stories, face painting, and much more. The 7–12-year old’s activities include kin ball, badminton, rounders, soccer, camp games, bouncing castle, and so much more.

Columbus Club

Columbus Club provides 9 separate summer camps each week for a period of 11 weeks starting in June and finishing in August. The summer camps cater to kids from ages 3 to 12 years old. The summer camps include arts and sports, baking and sewing, computer and programming, multi-sport and fitness, engineering, Lego and chess, film and cinematography and drama, Irish summer camps, creative writing and presentation skills, and animation and art. All students are grouped according to age. The arts and sports camp activities include singing, dancing and movement, drawing, treasure hunts, Lego, storytime, drama, mini sports, and fun games. Different activities and themes take place each week. All summer camps can be booked online just simply select the camp your child would like to attend and fill in all information accordingly.

Best Websites to buy EV Car Chargers in Ireland

EV Car Chargers

Electric vehicles are on the rise in popularity and are seen as a viable mode of transport offering many benefits to businesses and individuals alike. Electric vehicles offer many benefits such as comfort and performance, cost efficiencies, and better for the environment. As an electric vehicle owner, it is essential to keep your car in good condition. One of the main accessories for an electric vehicle is the charging cable. Technology is growing at a rapid rate and now there are new EV home car chargers that can be installed to charge your vehicle. So, let’s look at some of the best websites to buy EV car chargers in Ireland.

PV Generation

PV Generation is Ireland’s leading provider and installers of the world’s first solar compatible EV charger. The Zappi is an award-winning EV charger that is suitable for every electric car. Zappi is a different smart charger, it not only operates as a standard EV charger, but it also has the option to use 100% Green energy that is generated from wind generation or solar PV. The PV generation team has designed functions and features very carefully to give you full control of your electric vehicle charging experience. The Zappi is user-friendly and easy to install. Increase your return on investment for your electric vehicle and panels. The Zappi EV charger is fast and easy to install. The Zappi pen fault unique technology allows you to install in a quick time and eliminates the need for installing costly earth rods. It is a safe car charger for your vehicle. Your vehicle can be charged for free using green energy. The product can be used straight away from the box. The Zappis has an LCD screen built-in for displaying energy monitoring such as grid imports through simple pictures which are paired with additional CT so you can see solar generation.

Car Charger

Car Charger are Ireland’s leading EV charger specialists for business and home. Electric car charging is an evolving and new reality. Car charger company is up to date with the latest technology developments so they can bring you the best solutions on the market for charging your RV at home. They offer a wide range of car charging equipment these include copper SB, pulsar and pulsar +, and the commander.

  • The pulsar is one of the best-selling wall box chargers. It is the world’s smallest charger and is suitable for every plug-in vehicle.
  • The copper SB is available in two versions the socket and cable. The copper SB is a revolutionized charging product that can integrate detection in movement and face recognition in a charging device.
  • The commander is the only product on the market with WIFI connectivity and a touch screen that will allow you to obtain automatic software updates and have them stored in your wall box.

The company pride itself on supplying the highest quality car chargers for installing at your home. They also offer power management advice and advice on installation practices on what charger would be best suitable for your vehicle.

E Power

E Power company is electric car charger provider offering reliable and quality EV charging solutions across Ireland. These chargers are compatible with all brands of plug-in cars such as Toyota, Jaguar, Seat, Land Rover, Volvo, and many more. E Power provides simple domestic chargers to the private EV owner. E power can provide you with the right information and solution for all your vehicle charging needs. Their main goal is to ensure every electric car driver is never left without power allowing you to drive on the road fully charged. Their EV home charger range includes EO mini pro, Garo, wall box pulsar plus, and myenergi Zappi. E Power provides fast response times, 24-hour customer support, and nationwide service.  They recommend to dispose of any batteries at your nearest electronic WEE recycling centre.


EV Charging Ireland

EV Charging Ireland is the number one specialist in innovative and smart charging solutions for public, home, and business charging. Power your vehicle to a greener future. The company supply, install and maintain smart and quality eco-friendly electric vehicle charging products. EV charging Ireland offers a free no-obligation site survey carried out with every customer to ensure the best price and service for you. Their home charging range includes Zappi and EO home charging products. The EO mini electric car charger is the smallest charger on the market. The charger is solar charging, it gives you control to manage and monitor your electric car through the EO app and power balancing to avoid overloading your electrical supply. EV charging Ireland guarantees all products are installed by approved and fully qualified electricians., safe electric registered, trained in all EV products, EO academy advanced installer training, SEAI home electric car charger grant approved, and electrical testing and verification of electrical installations.

If you are also looking for energy efficient electric heaters and radiators, then I suggest to search for Build Store. They are nationally renowned for their modern efficient heaters that are eco-friendly.


Tips for Buying Wedding Suits for Boys

There is always a huge emphasis on the bride of the wedding but the groomsmen, page boys, and guests are equally important. Comfort, fashionable, and fitting are your key points to remember. Many brides and grooms will have their sons, cousins, or nephews as part of the bridal party, and this usually calls for wedding-ready page boy’s suit. There is no better time to dress up than at a family or friend’s wedding. Kids grow quickly so it is important to choose their outfits carefully. Here is our helpful guide on tips for buying wedding suits for boys recommend by us.

Start buying early

Give yourself plenty of time to sort wedding suit attire which could mean months in advance. If you are ordering a bespoke custom-made suit this needs more time as it needs to be custom made and this can take anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks depending. Tailoring a suit is different in that small differences in the proportion and cut can make a significant impact on how you look overall.

Choose a suit that is appropriate for that season

Season-appropriate clothing is a must. Adults may tolerate the cold and hot weather, but the little ones may not. You must choose a suit for the season, so if it’s a summer wedding choose light appropriate summer clothing. If it’s a winter wedding, make sure your boys have warmer clothing. Wedding ceremonies can be long and wedding days can be sometimes stressful for smaller children, so it is important to not add to their stress by having them wear uncomfortable clothes. For winter suits, the suit should be heavier material and the trousers kept long. For a summer wedding, consider shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and choose lightweight materials. This should help them remain comfortable for the entire day.

Comfort is key

When it comes to buying boy’s suits, it is important to consider the materials in the suit. Fabrics that are itchy may not work with some kids and you must also think about the fit of the suit. Kids like to be moving around, sitting, and dancing in their outfits at various times throughout the day so it is hugely important that they are always comfortable. When buying a boy’s suit well ahead of the time you should consider buying slightly bigger in size as kids can grow quickly. Suits can be easily taken in and out at any stage.

Think about the theme

Boy’s suits come in varieties of colours and designs and are suitable for all occasions such as weddings, birthday boys, parties and formal events. There are some very formal suits while others may want a laid-back look for their kids. Think about the wedding, is it formal attire, and what the guests will be doing on the day. If the wedding is very formal you might want to consider a tuxedo suit. If it is a more casual attire seek maybe a relaxed vest suit outfit.

Think about what colours the bridal party will be wearing, as you should be able to match the fabric, colour, style, and shade for your boy’s suit to the rest of the bridal party. It doesn’t have to be an exact match as this can sometimes be difficult to find, related shades and fabrics will still look smart and will make your wedding photos stand out. If you are a guest at the wedding and seeking a boy’s suit and attire, think formal wear is best something comfortable but not too over the top. The best way of finding an appropriate suit is to go into a store and try it on, this way you will find the perfect suit for the big day.

Make sure you have the right sizes and exact details

It is important you know your kid’s exact size prior to buying a suit more so if you are buying online. If you are purchasing in a store the measurements can be taken for trying on the suits. Once the suit fits well and is comfortable and stylish this is most important. The same sizing advice applies when buying to other types of clothing such as childrens costumes, school uniforms and children’s robes.

Choose a store that sells different styles of suits

Pick a store that stocks an extensive range and styles of suits for boys. This will give you a choice to choose from and not just have to pick from one style and range. The style and design of the suit make a huge difference, especially for photographs. Choosing a tailor that provides made to measure wedding suits might be your best option.

Little kids look very cute in a suit so whether it is a 3-piece suit or just a jacket and trousers this will still look dashing and dapper on the big day. Season-appropriate clothing is a must along with comfort, style, size, and fit of the suit. You want your kids to look their very best on the big day but to also be comfortable.

Does having a Child Increase your Car Insurance cost?

Millions of people every year purchase car insurance. It is important as a driver you understand what can affect the cost of your car cover in the long term. Having a child can bring a lot of joy to someone’s life however it can bring a lot of changes as well. Car insurance cost can vary between companies, so there are a few insurers who would offer a reduction in rates for your motor insurance for having a baby or child in the vehicle and then there are some who will increase the cost of your car insurance. Car insurance is generally calculated on various factors including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Marital status
  • How many years of experience driving
  • Education level
  • Geographical location
  • Driving record

What is car insurance 

It is a legal requirement in Ireland to have car insurance if you want to drive a car on a public road. Car insurance is there to protect you against financial loss in the event you are in an accident or theft. It is an offense to drive with no motor insurance.

Types of car insurance

There are 3 main types of car insurance these include:

  • Fully comprehensive
  • Third-party
  • Third party fire and theft

Fully comprehensive cover allows you to claim for damage to your own vehicle no matter who is the blame and it gives you third party fire and theft cover also. You should expect to pay a lot more for, fully comprehensive cover. Comprehensive cover can vary between insurers but some of the benefits include:

Third-party cover 

Third-party is the minimum legal requirement to drive a vehicle in Ireland. If a person makes a claim against you for injury or damage that you caused, third-party only pays out for this claim. It is not widely available from insurance companies.

Third-party fire and theft cover

Third-party fire and theft will cost a lot more than a third-party cover on its own. With this cover, you can make a claim for damage or loss to your own car as a result of theft or fire and even attempt theft is covered. Accidental damage to your motor is not covered under third party fire and theft insurance.

Safer Drivers 

When adults have kids, they will tend to purchase a family vehicle or a safer and larger vehicle. With a child or a little baby in the car you will have to accommodate the little one’s needs like car seats, prams, changing bags, toys, etc. As a result of owning a safer vehicle and having a child on board, you are a driver that is deemed to be safer and more responsible by insurance companies. Being a less risky driver, a lot of insurance companies will lower your premium costs on your car insurance.

Driving fewer miles 

Having a newborn baby, the long road trips driving is pretty much eliminated. As a parent, you will be driving a lot less, so you are exposed to less risk, meaning the potential for an accident is greatly reduced and reduced claims being made also. So, for your insurers, the less risk you are the lower your car premiums will be.

Responsible driving 

As a new parent or parents, you become a more responsible driver, so you are less likely to be prone to risky behaviour. Having a family vehicle and kids onboard generally mean more sensible and responsible driving. This demonstrates to an insurance company that you as a driver is more responsible and safer so in return you receive a more affordable and cheaper car insurance rate.


Owning your own home can result in lower car insurance and discounts. Homeowners and bundling car insurance combined can result in discounts for your motor insurance.

When purchasing car insurance always research online different insurers for the cheapest and most affordable quotes that you can find. The policy with the lowest price doesn’t always mean it’s better though. Always read the terms and conditions of your policy.

Best Board Games for Kids and Family

Children love board games, as well as adults, do. Board games are an inexpensive and a great way for families to spend time together especially around the holiday seasons and even on a very rainy day. Let’s face it, in today’s, digital technology world it can be difficult to tear your kids away from their tablet screens. If there’s one thing that will bring them away from their gadgets it’s definitely a board game. According to market.us the global board games market was valued at USD 13.75 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 30.93 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 13.70% over the forecast period (2022-2028). Board games teach kids about sportsmanship, rules, and strategy. Kids enjoy playing games and more than likely the parents will love playing along with them too, especially if they are playing slot games. So, if your kids are climbing the walls get out the classic board games and get the whole family involved having fun for hours and away from their technology screens. So, let’s take a look at the best board games for kids and families to enjoy.

If your child is seeking speech therapy from home then it is a good idea to have some speech therapy games and activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Scrabble is your classic board game. Scrabble is a word game where two or 4 players scores points by simply placing tiles onto the board game to create a word. The tiles must make up a word that reads left to right rows or downward in columns and they must be included in a standard dictionary.


Monopoly is your classic real estate board game. You move around the board trading and buying properties, and developing them with hotels and houses. The main goal is to drive other components into bankruptcy. The board game includes 28 title deeds cards, a gameboard, 16 community chess cards, 12 hotels, 32 houses, 8 tokens, 16 chance cards, money pack, and 2 dice. A great family fun game.

4 Tec Game  

4 Tec game is a classic connect 4 in a row board game but in a new 3 D version. The goal of this game is to get matching 4 colours of the same counter in a row in any direction vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. Whoever reaches 4 in a row first wins. The board game has 32 red and 32 yellow counters included. It is a very skillful game and will provide hours of entertainment and fun for the family and the kids.


This is not your typical board game however it will bring great fun and family time together. You simply spin the dial and let the silliness begin. The box includes a large white mat with coloured circles and a dial board. Left-hand red, right foot green, and so on.


Cluedo is your classic mystery game. Put your detective skills to the test and become the next Sherlock Holmes with classic Cluedo. This game involves players finding out who murdered someone in the mansion. Whoever solves the murder is the winner of the game. The game includes a game board, 1 detective notepad, 1 yellow murder envelope, 21 black Cluedo cards, 6-character tokens, 2 dice, game guide, 6 weapon tokens, and 13 red bonus cards.

30 Seconds   

With the 30 seconds board game, you must think quickly and talk fast. 4 or more players can play the game and each player must describe 5 names on the card they choose to their teammates to guess in as little as 30 seconds. This game can quickly become a favourite for all the family to enjoy. The topics on the cards include tv shows, landmarks, popular songs, celebrities, and much more. The components cannot say what the actual name is they must describe or explain what it sounds like or rhyme sounds.


Battleship is a classic board game known all over the world for its logical and strategic thinking. The main aim of this game is to sink your opponent’s ships. Take on your friends in a head to head battle. The game includes 10 plastic ships, 84 red hit pegs, 2 portable battle cases, 1 label sheet, 168 white miss pegs.

Guess Who   

Guess who is a great choice of board game everyone will enjoy. The players must narrow down their guesses with yes or no questions. Each player must try to guess the other mystery character. The box includes 2-character sheets, 2 game trays, 4-character selectors, 4 supports, instructions, and 2 scoring sliders.

Snakes and Ladders   

Snakes and ladders is your classic game where you place a counter on the space that says start here. Each player must roll the dice. The counter must be moved on the spaces if a player lands on a snake you must slide down the snake to the bottom and if your counter lands on a ladder you must climb back up again. Whoever reaches home at the bottom wins the game.

Kids Electric Cars Recommends Quote Devil for Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Ireland is mandatory if you are the owner and drive a vehicle. If you are seeking car insurance that is very affordable and cost effective, then Quote Devil is the solution and company for you. As a kid’s electric cars company, we have multiple drivers delivering our products nationwide to our customers on a day to day basis. We decided to shop around for the best price for car insurance. By comparing all different quotes and the cheapest rates, we found Quote Devil to be the best. Here are some of the reasons why we would recommend Quote Devil for Car Insurance.

Quote Devil are the market leaders when it comes to providing quality Irish insurance at very affordable prices. They are the leading providers for advice, insurance cover, and expertise across the country. They specialise in many different types of car insurance including young drivers’ insurance, drivers with convictions, declined drivers, and women drivers. You can get a low-cost car insurance quote in less than a minute and complete a full policy in just 3 minutes. We choose them because we knew they were professional and experienced and could offer us the best quote on the market today. We would highly recommend Quote Devil to anyone, you can get a quote from them at https://www.quotedevil.ie/car-insurance.

  • Discounts for Multiple Cover  

We benefited from their multi-cover discounts saving us money in the long term as we have all of our policies in the one place.

  • Cheapest Quotes on the market  

They offer affordable and cost-effective quotes for saving you money on all car insurance policies. They are dedicated in getting you a reliable and affordable price even for first time drivers they will try to keep the price down as much as possible.

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How to Maintain your Kids Electric Car

We all love our kids and would do anything to put a huge smile on their faces. What makes kids the happiest is having a fun toy to play with. Any type of electric cars is the ideal and perfect toy for kids. They have become very popular among both girls and boys. Not only are these cars a lot of fun to drive around in, but they will give your children a real sense of driving a real car. It gives kids a real feeling of being all grown up. It is a child’s dream come true to drive an electric car and also gives your kids an actual physical experience while driving the car. There are a lot of great brands out there for a top quality ride on toys that are perfect for your little one. Kids do love a drivable ride on toys; however, they can be expensive to buy, that is why it is important to teach them how to drive safely. It will also enable them to learn how to maintain and take care of the toy and teach your kids to do the same for their future real-life vehicle.

Here we are going to discuss some helpful tips on how to maintain your kid’s electric car:

Read the Instruction Manual  

As a parent, it is important to fully understand how the kid’s car works, how to set it up, and the dos and don’ts when using it, etc., you can find all this out by reading the instructions manual that comes available with the product. Once you have grasped all the instructions, you can then teach your little one.

Take care of all car parts   

To keep the ride on toy in top condition, you must take care of each and every part of the car. These parts include:

  • Wheels  

With all kid’s cars, the wheels would be the first part to become damaged. Most toys have limitations on the surfaces on which you can drive them on. Many kids may not drive on the surfaces they are supposed to causing the tyres to wear out fast. Check and oil the wheels regularly. Use a clean cloth to wipe the rims to keep them clean from dirt and soil. Check for any balance issues and if the tyres are worn out, change them with compatible new tyres.

  • Battery   

The battery is like a car engine, it is the heart of the car. If the battery is damaged, then your toy car is also. Always stick to the required battery charging time. Do not overcharge the car as this is a common cause of battery damage. Overcharging will shorten the life of the battery. If you need to replace the battery, ensure it is a compatible one to your car. Please refer to the instruction manual for all recommendations on battery life.

  • Body   

Always clean the toy with a clean cloth every time after use. Avoid scratching the body to preserve the look of the car. When the car is not being used, put it into storage. Try to avoid putting stickers on the ride on as it can damage the paint. Cover the car with a large canvas sheet or cloth.

Find an Appropriate Storage Space  

Before purchasing the toy, you should find an appropriate place to store the ride on in the home when the kids are not playing with it. The space should be big enough for the car to move in and out safely without hitting anything that could damage it. Store the toy in the garage, kid’s room, basement or attic, any place that would protect the car for long term use.

Teach your kids how to use the car   

It is important to teach your kids how to work the toy car step by step. Be very vigilant at first and safety should be your number one priority. Set some ground rules and also how it is important to take care of the car full time.

Along with a parent’s guidance on how to use the car and maintain it, your child should do just fine. Kids are quick to pick things up but safety should be the number one priority. In addition to being responsible for their toy car, it will also help teach them how to take care of their future cars.