3 ways to foster and encourage your child’s interest in cars

Do you and your child share a common love for cars? Or is it perhaps a dream for you to share such an interest in the future? In either case, getting started early is never wrong, and may prove more fruitful than originally intended.

A joint interest in automobiles be a fun way for you to bond with your child, and it can also have significant benefits. These include:
• better family relationships
• knowledge for future car ownership
• increased learning skills
• etc.

More than anything, a common interest is a way for you to spend quality time together and to build trust. So, tag along to learn about three ways you can foster a joint car hobby relation with your child.

Memorabilia, prints, and decorations

An easy way to do a joint car-adventure from a very early age is to buy car-related memorabilia together! These items can easily be used to decorate your child’s bedrooms, and posters and prints of your favorite cars can be an inspiration and motivating factor in maintaining the interest. The prints don’t only have to depict specific cars, they can also portray movies which remind you both of cool car scenes, or even other landscapes that creates a safe and creative environment for you and your child.

Another fun way to decorate your child’s room, or even your joint areas or garage, is to collect memorabilia such as model cars. These can either take the shape of traditional model cars, or even be fun projects such as Lego scenes or puzzles. Any type of memorabilia that involves you spending time together is good memorabilia.

Visit the race track

For children that are more interested in the speed and performance of cars, a visit to a race track can be an enjoyable way to learn about the technology behind racing cars. If you don’t have access to a race track, consider taking your child to watch an event such as drag racing or auto cross. This is also a fun way to explore various types of automobile sports. Perhaps an interest that begun with Formula 1 can develop into a love for rally racing or even truck racing.

Read Car-Themed Books

Reading together is always an important step in bonding with and increasing learning skills in your child. Reading books or articles about cars can help to foster a child’s interest in the vehicle. Not only can it be a fun way to increase their hobby engagement, but it will also help them learn the fun of reading and learning, and hence make their time in school easier.

As for automobile literature, there is a plethora of medias for you to explore together. Some are even free! Consider checking out some car magazines, car encyclopedias, or other related material from your local library, book store, or online. You can also read this blog post to get a recommended list of children’s books featuring vehicle stories.


Nurturing relationships through a common interest, especially automobiles, is not only a great way to spend quality time with your child. It is also a great way to prepare them for the future, as that quality time can help foster better learning skills and useful grown-up knowledge about car ownership. On top of it all, you both get to have fun.