12 V Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader


Age: 3-10

Colour: Green

Battery Voltage: 12 V

Power Type: Electric

Weight Capacity: 18.3 kg

Seat Capacity: 1

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Just like a genuine John Deere Tractor!

Peg Perego has faithfully recreated one of the world’s foremost agricultural vehicles, the John Deere, resulting in a top-tier toy that will bring immense delight to children. The John Deere Ground Loader is a standout addition to Peg Perego’s extensive collection of John Deere products. Its distinctive green and yellow colors set it apart, making it a resounding favorite among children aged 3 and older who are captivated by electric bulldozers. It operates using a 12 Volt rechargeable battery.


True to its name, the “Ground Loader” is an electric bulldozer equipped with a substantial grabber that offers children the joy of digging, scooping soil and leaves, and dumping it all. The dual-function shovel can be controlled directly from the driver’s seat, thanks to a convenient integrated handle positioned in front of the steering wheel. The grabber arm can be raised and lowered to reach the ground, and the contents of the shovel can be emptied using the side lever. For added fun, the dashboard beneath the steering wheel houses a functional FM radio!


The John Deere Ground Loader is an ideal toy for nature enthusiasts who seek complete comfort. The seat can be adjusted to two positions to accommodate every driver and includes two foldable armrests. If your child feels cramped and prefers not to use them, they can be folded away alongside the backrest.

The footrests are generously sized and stable, with the accelerator pedal located on the right. When released, it functions as a gentle brake, smoothly bringing the vehicle to a halt without sudden jolts. You can choose between two forward gears or reverse, with the second gear featuring a lock to prevent its use by children who are still learning to drive. The wheels, with their grooved tread, ensure excellent traction, allowing the John Deere Ground Loader to effortlessly handle slopes of up to 10 degrees. And when the playtime gets serious, there’s the option of attaching the John Deere Farm Wagon (available separately) to transport sizable loads.


The quality of Peg Perego products is evident in the meticulous attention to safety details. The John Deere Ground Loader boasts a sealed base that safeguards the driver from electric wires and tampering while also protecting the vehicle from water, mud, and sand. The 12V-8Ah battery is safely situated within the unit under the hood and is secured by a child-proof battery lock. Recharging the battery is a breeze using a standard household electrical socket, either while it’s inside the vehicle or after removal. The package includes a battery charger and the battery itself.


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