12V Ride On Remote Control Fire Engine / Truck Toy Car


Your kids will have lots of fun driving around in our cool fire engine toy car putting out imaginary fires and having an awesome time rescuing toys from up high. Forget fireman Sam you have a real firefighter at home. 

Whether they are on the truck or not they will still look the part. There is a 2.4g remote control for parents so even the grown-ups can have a drive around with the toy truck. 


  • Connection for MP3 
  • Age suitable: 3-6 years old 
  • Sound Controls 
  • A 2.4G remote control for parents 
  • Lights – Headlights and Top Bar 
  • Music 
  • Wheels are Easy to assemble 
  • Battery box that can be removed 
  • EVA rubber wheels  
  • Dimensions: 115cm x 65cm x 60cm  
  • One Button Start 
  • Motors: 2 x 35W 
  • Battery: 12V7AH and charger included 


Important Information 

The toys cannot be sent with the batteries connected due to legal restrictions. Connect the battery first before charging the first time. Remove the plastic safety cover from the connecting wire first. Please see the manual included. 

While the charger is plugged in the toy will not work due to the safety cut-off. 

  • Charge up fully before using 
  • When charging the truck for on or over 12-hours it should never be left unattended 
  • Charge the truck once a month even when it is not being used as this will avoid the battery from depleting and from becoming damaged 
  • The battery should be disconnected when not using this will stop the depletion of the battery. 


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