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A well-constructed and great looking tractor with a front loader bucket.

Our 12 V powerful electric tractor with twin motors is well-designed, and it is superb looking. It has many exceptional features including:

  • Twin speed – low and high gears can be selected and are featured on the dashboard switch
  • Horn sounds – to make the horn noise you must squeeze it
  • Loader bucket – the levers in front of the steering wheel will tilt and raise the loader bucket
  • Twin motors – both rear wheels feature a twin motor which will improve the driving performance grass or rougher surfaces

Other Information

  • Charging time – for a full charge up to 10 hours
  • Age suitable – 3-6 years (parental supervision is required for younger kids)
  • Type of battery – 12V (1x 12v, 7Ah) lead-acid
  • Type of seat – one seat
  • Run time – once fully charged, the car can drive up to one hour it depends on how much the car is used
  • Motor type – twin 12v 35w motors
  • Box weight and size – 110 x 51 x 44cm, 20.5kg GW
  • Operating surface suitable – lawns, firm, and flat surfaces only
  • Maximum speed – 5km/h
  • Measurements – 150cm long, 62cm wide, 74cm high


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