Licensed Ford Ranger Premium Upgraded 12v Kids Electric Jeep – Special Blue – Leather Seat and Rubber Wheels


Introducing the all-new fully Licensed Ford Ranger 12v kids electric jeep in special painted Black. This kids electric 2 seater jeep provides an extra sense of adventure with key features similar to the real car at a fraction of the cost. Our Ford Ranger is upgraded with powerful 12v twin motors enabling the Ford Ranger ride on to drive on almost any surface. Fully licensed by Ford you can see the quality running through the whole of the car. The 12v Ford Ranger ride on comes with some juicy features. Your child will love popping the hood, opening their doors and lowering the tailgate providing realism and extra storage. Switch on the LED lights and drive in the dark to further enhance your driving experience. Safety at the heart – This ride on comes with a seat belt and parental remote control function so the parent can join in on the fun and drive around younger children. Just start your engine and off you go! Kids will really enjoy this authentic driving experience and mum and dad might enjoy it even more.

Parents will be reassured that the parental remote control provides that extra safety feature and unleashes their inner child. Your child will be safe secure and captivated by the ultimate kids electric ride on jeep. No ride on car would be complete without the MP3 plug-in feature – just plug in your phone and you can play your own music from the Fords speakers. If that isnt enough the Ford Ranger also has a built-in FM radio and SD card plug-in options. Simply plug the AUX cable into your device and theyre ready to sing along to their music. Produced in special painted Black this 12v electric Jeep will appeal to boys and girls from ages 3-8 years.

Fords licensing of this 12v childrens electric Jeep underlines that this is the perfect choice for those who want their child to remember this gift for years to come creating many memories for both parent and child.

What’s New?

  • Upgraded 12v 7ah battery for longer running time
  • Realistic Key Start
  • Gloss painted finish
  • Leather seat
  • EVA Tyres (Rubber)

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