Peg Perego Mini Fairy 6V Electric Ride On Motorbike Pink




Battery Voltage:6v

Power Type:Electric

Weight Capacity:15kg

Seat Capacity:1

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Introducing the Mini Fairy Electric Motorcycle – An Enchanting Adventure for Young Adventurers!

In the world of your child’s imagination, the Mini Fairy electric motorcycle reigns supreme. Crafted especially for the daring and modern fairy, this electric motorcycle is nothing short of enchanting! It boasts a symphony of lights, sounds, melodies, and even a horn, all constructed with the utmost Italian craftsmanship for absolute fun, starting from as young as 1 year old. Powering this magical machine is a 6V/4.5Ah/25Wh rechargeable battery.

Lights and Sounds: Buckle up for a magical journey!

Activate the electric dashboard with the simple press of the START button or by gently stepping on the accelerator pedal, and prepare to be spellbound! Besides illuminating the LED light on the front lamp, your child will be thrilled to hear the mighty engine roar, sound the horn, and groove to pre-recorded tunes. Furthermore, they can groove to their favorite melodies using the MP3 player port (MP3 player not included).

Endless Hours of Uninhibited Play

A set of LED lights conveniently indicates the battery’s charge level, allowing you to keep your child’s playtime in check. Additionally, a battery-saving feature automatically switches off the vehicle after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Accelerate and Halt with One Pedal

When your little one presses the pedal, the motorcycle gracefully cruises at approximately 3 km/h. Simply releasing the pedal gently brings the motorcycle to a smooth stop.

Masterful Two-Wheel Drive

This electric motorcycle effortlessly conquers smooth surfaces like concrete and even grassy lawns, thanks to its remarkable two-wheel drive system that provides extra power and the ability to conquer slopes of up to 5%.

Navigate Tight Spaces with Ease

With its wide turning radius, the Peg Perego motorcycle guarantees endless joy both indoors and in confined spaces. Maximum weight capacity: 15 kg.

Safety and Comfort at the Forefront

The thrill of adventure is amplified when it’s wrapped in safety. Featuring wheels with expertly crafted tread patterns, comfortable footrests, and two rear wheels, stability is assured even when taking sharp turns.

Battery Recharge at Your Fingertips

Powering this motorcycle is a 6V/4.5Ah/25Wh battery, and it arrives with a charger for convenient recharging directly from the vehicle through a jack plug. The vehicle comes complete with the battery and charger. For optimal performance, ensure you charge the battery for a minimum of 18 hours and no more than 24 hours before its first use.


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