Prince – Rubber Wheel Go Kart / Cart – Blue- 3-8 Years


  • Age range suited – 3-8 (full parental control is needed for younger children)
  • Colours available – Blue/Black
  • Charging time – a night’s sleep!
  • Running time – Unlimited!
  • Type of battery – None
  • Suitable surfaces – Flat or relatively firm, grass or flat lawns and firm gravel.
  • Dimensions – 101cm long, 61cm wide, 62cm high
  • Maximum speed – As fast as your child can pedal.
  • Box size and weight – 95 x 62 x 25cm, 13.4kg GW

Our excellent pedal Go-Kart will provide great exercise and a fun combination!

The kart features a seat that is adjustable to allow more room as your kids get bigger, assembles easily, and it is of exceptional quality.

Great fun and exercise combine with this brilliant pedal go kart!

Great quality, easy to assemble and an adjustable seat so they can continue to have fun as they grow!

  • Metal Frame – The kart is made with a metal frame. The metal drive axle with metal tubular chassis will ensure the go-kart is robust and strong.
  • Rubber Inflatable Wheels – The go-kart wheels are inflatable. The tyres are rubber which offer a real superior ride.
  • Hand brake – Pull the lever to operate hand brake. It will activate the back wheel brakes.
  • Assemble Easy – It is not difficult to assemble: It is a simple model that will be ready to use quite quickly.
  • Seat is Adjustable – You can adjust the seat backwards/forwards, this will ensure as your child grows they can still continue to play on the kart.
  • Gearlever – this allows you to dis-engage the pedals. The kart can then be pushed without the pedals being turned.

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