Tips for Buying Wedding Suits for Boys

There is always a huge emphasis on the bride of the wedding but the groomsmen, page boys, and guests are equally important. Comfort, fashionable, and fitting are your key points to remember. Many brides and grooms will have their sons, cousins, or nephews as part of the bridal party, and this usually calls for wedding-ready page boy’s suit. There is no better time to dress up than at a family or friend’s wedding. Kids grow quickly so it is important to choose their outfits carefully. Here is our helpful guide on tips for buying wedding suits for boys recommend by us.

Start buying early

Give yourself plenty of time to sort wedding suit attire which could mean months in advance. If you are ordering a bespoke custom-made suit this needs more time as it needs to be custom made and this can take anywhere between 4 to 10 weeks depending. Tailoring a suit is different in that small differences in the proportion and cut can make a significant impact on how you look overall.

Choose a suit that is appropriate for that season

Season-appropriate clothing is a must. Adults may tolerate the cold and hot weather, but the little ones may not. You must choose a suit for the season, so if it’s a summer wedding choose light appropriate summer clothing. If it’s a winter wedding, make sure your boys have warmer clothing. Wedding ceremonies can be long and wedding days can be sometimes stressful for smaller children, so it is important to not add to their stress by having them wear uncomfortable clothes. For winter suits, the suit should be heavier material and the trousers kept long. For a summer wedding, consider shorts, short-sleeved shirts, and choose lightweight materials. This should help them remain comfortable for the entire day.

Comfort is key

When it comes to buying boy’s suits, it is important to consider the materials in the suit. Fabrics that are itchy may not work with some kids and you must also think about the fit of the suit. Kids like to be moving around, sitting, and dancing in their outfits at various times throughout the day so it is hugely important that they are always comfortable. When buying a boy’s suit well ahead of the time you should consider buying slightly bigger in size as kids can grow quickly. Suits can be easily taken in and out at any stage.

Think about the theme

Boy’s suits come in varieties of colours and designs and are suitable for all occasions such as weddings, birthday boys, parties and formal events. There are some very formal suits while others may want a laid-back look for their kids. Think about the wedding, is it formal attire, and what the guests will be doing on the day. If the wedding is very formal you might want to consider a tuxedo suit. If it is a more casual attire seek maybe a relaxed vest suit outfit.

Think about what colours the bridal party will be wearing, as you should be able to match the fabric, colour, style, and shade for your boy’s suit to the rest of the bridal party. It doesn’t have to be an exact match as this can sometimes be difficult to find, related shades and fabrics will still look smart and will make your wedding photos stand out. If you are a guest at the wedding and seeking a boy’s suit and attire, think formal wear is best something comfortable but not too over the top. The best way of finding an appropriate suit is to go into a store and try it on, this way you will find the perfect suit for the big day.

Make sure you have the right sizes and exact details

It is important you know your kid’s exact size prior to buying a suit more so if you are buying online. If you are purchasing in a store the measurements can be taken for trying on the suits. Once the suit fits well and is comfortable and stylish this is most important. The same sizing advice applies when buying to other types of clothing such as childrens costumes, school uniforms and children’s robes.

Choose a store that sells different styles of suits

Pick a store that stocks an extensive range and styles of suits for boys. This will give you a choice to choose from and not just have to pick from one style and range. The style and design of the suit make a huge difference, especially for photographs. Choosing a tailor that provides made to measure wedding suits might be your best option.

Little kids look very cute in a suit so whether it is a 3-piece suit or just a jacket and trousers this will still look dashing and dapper on the big day. Season-appropriate clothing is a must along with comfort, style, size, and fit of the suit. You want your kids to look their very best on the big day but to also be comfortable.